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SmartLink contains everything you need to deploy a remote connectivity along with the facilities monitoring sensor solution. A highly innovative and flexible solution offers a unique plug-n-play capable Gateway, Data-logger, Sensor Gateway and Automation-controller in an all-in-one package.

SmartLink enables a variety of packaged solutions tailored to your needs. Users of SmartLink have the flexibility to modularly add the uplinks, sensors, devices and I/O. SmartLink is a flexible platform that offers unique ability to morph itself to the customer requirements without binding them to any specific uplinks or sensors.

SmartLink is next generation gateway that maintains remote and secure connectivity across the designated primary and secondary uplinks. M2M solutions benefit from such a gateway by automated switching between any two uplinks such as Satellite, cellular, Wi-Fi, or Ethernet. SmartLink functions as a router and a Sensor Gateway for the remote Local Area Networks (LAN) while enabling smart-fail over and automatic-fallback between the primary and backup uplink. It can be configured to function as a Wi-Fi hotspot or provide Ethernet for local connectivity. Mojyle SmartLink consistently provides secure connectivity to the remote sites and devices. The remote sites can also be reached from the central sites over the active uplink protected by encrypted Transport Layer Security (TLS) tunnels. Central Site is required for termination of the SSL VPN tunnels.

Additional System Integration is possible on the SmartLink based on the customer needs. Additional licenses may be needed to enable more custom features on the SmartLink. Customization includes the ability to customize link selection based on a variety of near real-time conditions.