Mobile & Agile

Secure Mobility Solutions

Integrated Application Acceleration engines for Deduplication, Forward Error Correction and Network Memory

M2M multi-sensor Gateway and Portal Solutions

Customization based on your needs

Who is Mojyle for?

Tactical Operations Teams. First Responders

Media and Broadcasting using multiple bonded cellular uplinks

Retail backup connectivity, Telemedicine and Disaster Recovery applications

Remote Sensor Monitoring  and M2M applications

Data-Center and  Cold Storage Monitoring

What does Mojyle Provide ?

Customization of Mojyle COMSEC kits to meet your mission needs

Custom and Branded M2M Portals for Sensor monitoring

Mobile/Smart phone Software Development for integration into Mojyle products

Sensor integration services for M2M applications

What are Mojyle Services ?

Mojyle iComskit offers a variety of features for Continuity of Operation (COOP), Disaster Management, Remote Monitoring and instant connectivity needs.

Communication Kit that leverages one or more cellular/3G/4G/LTE, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Satellite uplinks and always keep you connected over the best quality uplink in any mobile environment.

You can also bond multiple uplinks and optimize the Secure/Mobile connectivity using integrated Optimization Engines.

All in a small carry on portable & convenient kit & multiple form-factors.

Mojyle iMonKit is an integrated Sensor Gateway - A Swiss army knife for your M2M needs.

Connect Multiple Sensors: USB, Serial, 1-Wire, Zigbee, Zwave and other sensor integration using the same iMonkit Sensor Gateway.

A customized portal that offers trending, charting, analysis, reporting, Billing and multiple different types of instant notifications.

Policy based Monitoring and Control for M2M needs.


We offer the best, most innovative, customizable and versatile mobility & connectivity kits.

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